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The Prince of Wales praises diversity programme on visit to Cambridge

The Prince of Wales has paid a visit to Homerton College, the most populated college at Cambridge University, to learn more about the college’s vision to support a more diverse student body.

Prince Charles was invited to visit Homerton College personally by its Principal, Lord Woolley of Woodford, who has worked with The Prince’s Trust on ways that minority groups are disadvantaged, and solutions to stop this.

“I am personally honoured that His Royal Highness is excited about what we’re doing here at Homerton at this stage in our history, which is to be a beacon both of academic excellence and of teeming diversity,” said Lord Woolley in a statement on Homerton College’s website.

During his visit, Prince Charles also met with students in the Changemakers programme, which provides interdisciplinary skills to solve real-world problems.

In a speech delivered after unveiling a plaque to commemorate his visit, Prince Charles said: “If I may say so, it really is inspiring to hear, at first-hand, which I have done briefly, of all the initiatives that are taking place – such as the Changemakers who are being prepared to provide the visionary, selfless leadership that we so desperately need. It has been splendid, too, to meet those who have done so much to ensure that students and staff were kept safe during the pandemic. They very much deserve our warmest appreciation.

“And, Ladies and Gentlemen, I could not be more pleased to hear about the excellent work being carried out to promote greater inclusion and diversity. As Lord Woolley knows, this is a subject which has always been close to my heart, and which I have sought to take forward, and to support, as much as possible much of my life.

For our society to meet successfully the huge challenges before us, we will need all our talents and all our contributions. That is not simply a good intention – it is the most profound good sense. I have said before that our diversity is our greatest strength, and I become ever more convinced of that truth as time goes by and as I see fresh examples of that principle – as I do so clearly here today.”

Earlier in the day, Prince Charles toured Cambridge market.

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