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The legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales

One would almost have to live under a rock, not to at least notice the abundance of news related to the late Diana, Princess of Wales as of late. For Royal Watchers and those alike, the connection to the news is the fact that the 31st of August marks the 20th anniversary of her tragic death.

Although calling many of the stories that have come out ‘news’ is terribly generous and if you really want to read about the gossip surrounding her life, all the power to you. But just like while she was still among us, the legacy of Diana will always shine brightly.

As I remember about all the good she did, I realise that this next generation will not remember as we do. They won’t remember her life, they won’t remember her death and will only know of the stories that are told. Hopefully, by the time that my children reach an age that they will understand who she was, which means she will have been gone for at least 30 years, the accomplishments of her life will be the ones still told.
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I can see her painted as a pioneer to the HIV/AIDS plight, a force to be reckoned with, a crusader in her bomb-proof vest walking the mine fields. For young girls (or boys) her grace, charm and wit while overcoming her hardships will be seen as one of the first strong female icons to break the mould of what a woman can accomplish.

There are permanent dedications to her life and work that will stand the test of time, even a tribute cd put out in 1997, a memorial fountain and playground in Hyde Park, a memorial walk passing through the locations most associated with her life and the Diana Memorial Fund so her light may never go out.
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Her sons have continued her work, Prince Harry has walked the same mine fields Diana made headlines in and many say they can see her in him as he and Prince William continue on the work she held so close but was never able to finish.

Controversy over her love life will be written in the history pages, but we are the ones writing those words, and it is up to us to make sure her work is never forgotten.