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The Duke of Cambridge talks to his children every day about NHS frontline workers

Photo: Benjamin Wareing

The Duke of Cambridge has ensured that his children know about the sacrifices NHS frontline workers are making during the coronavirus pandemic he revealed in a recent video chat with NHS staff.

Speaking to staff at Homerton University Hospital in East London, shared on the official social media accounts on January 8th 2021, William said that he and Kate “and all the children talk about all of you guys every day, so we’re making sure the children understand all of the sacrifices that all of you are making, so thank you so, so much.”

Homerton University Hospital is currently treating at least 200 COVID-19 patients and is dealing with rising caseloads as another surge of the coronavirus hits the United Kingdom. William spoke to staff members about how they’re working through the surging case numbers and how their mental health is holding up.

William spoke to Intensive Care Sister Debbie Bedassie, Chief Nurse Catherine Pelley, Alesia Parker, Acute Service Matron, Occupational Therapist Nazia Ahmad, Wayne Sexton, Head of Commercial Services and Dr Carlo Prina, a physician and Clinical Lead for Acute Ambulatory Care on Thursday.  

Dr. Prina said, “Our medical and nursing workforces have never been more stretched but never been more together as a group, so the cohesiveness, the commitment to patient care is a wonder to behold and it’s a wonderful thing to see.”

William and Kate became patrons of NHS Charities Together, a charitable fund that raises money for all branches of the National Health Service, during their Royal Train Tour of the United Kingdom in December 2020.

The NHS Charities Together fund raised £150 million last year and provides “extra support to the NHS to help people stay healthier for longer and get better faster,” according to its website. The charities have funded capital projects, medical equipment and pioneering research to help patients “access the best possible care when they need it most,” and also mobilise volunteers to provide key support at 241 member charities.

Other support is provided to mental health trusts, community health and ambulance services, according to fund’s website.

According to Kensington Palace, funds from the NHS Charities Together have provided “breakfast boxes sent to hospital staff, and a new break out room for A&E staff” for Homerton University Hospital.

“It’s good that you and your team are keeping your spirits high and I always find that having some sort of sense of humour through everything is very important, otherwise we all go mad,” William told the staff.

He added, “Thank you for all the hard work, the sleepless nights, the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the exhaustion and everything that you are doing, we are so grateful. You are all in my thoughts. Good luck, we are all thinking of you.”

William’s full conversation with the hospital staff can be viewed here.

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