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The Duchess of Cambridge takes early years focus to Denmark

The Duchess of Cambridge will pay a working visit to Denmark later this month, bringing the work of her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood to the international stage for the first time.

Kate will visit Copenhagen between 22-23 February to learn Danish practices for early childhood development, as the country is “widely recognised as a world leader to its approach and investment” in the area, says Kensington Palace.

Kate will learn more about “how Denmark has created an enabling culture for early childhood development, specifically how it has promoted infant mental wellbeing alongside physical health, and how it harnesses the power of nature, relationships and playful learning in the first five years of life.”

In a video shared to the Kensington Palace social media accounts, Kate can be seen putting together a Danish flag and the word ‘Denmark’ in Lego, with the caption: “Looking forward to learning from experts, parents & practitioners about Denmark’s approach to early childhood later this month. Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years, with a culture which prioritises the best start in life. På snarligt gensyn [See you soon]. C.”

The full programme of Kate’s visit will be announced later, but Kensington Palace notes that she will focus on initiatives and projects which support children in their growth and which help the parents and wider communities surrounding them. The visit will include meetings with “children and families, leading researchers, representatives from academia, and those working in the early education sector.”

Kate will also meet with Queen Margrethe on the second day of her visit, paying tribute to the Danish Queen celebrating her Golden Jubilee this year and the ties both countries share with regards to the jubilees being celebrated in each country.

Kate will also join Crown Princess Mary for a visit to a project supported by the Crown Princess’s Mary Foundation.

Kensington Palace notes that Kate is looking forward to learning from the Danish people about early childhood development and building upon the friendship between the two countries. This will be her second official visit to Denmark following a visit with William in 2011.

The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood was founded by Kate in June 2021 to raise awareness and use data-driven research in support of early childhood development.

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