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Royals are ‘upset’ after the removal of trusted protection officers following security incident

Members of the Royal Family are reportedly upset by the removal of trusted protection officers after a recent security breach at Windsor Castle.

On Christmas morning, a 19-year-old man armed with a crossbow, was arrested for trespassing on the grounds of Windsor Castle where Her Majesty The Queen was due to celebrate the holiday with other members of the Royal Family. It’s reported the security breach led to a shake-up in protection members and the move of several trusted police guards. The Queen has privately expressed “disquiet” while the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are also said to be “concerned” as are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Officers responded to reports of the breach around 8.30am. Thames Valley Police Superintendent Rebecca Mears said in a statement: “Security protocols were initiated within moments of the man entering the grounds. The suspect, a 19-year-old man from Southampton, did not enter any buildings.

“The man has been arrested on suspicion of breach or trespass of a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon. We do not believe there is a wider danger to the public.”

Just minutes after police swooped in on the intruder, Prince Andrew was seen driving down the Long Walk with a protection officer and was diverted away from the Cambridge Gate. The man was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Retired chief superintendent Dai Davies. the former head of the royal protection unit told the Daily Mail: ‘Windsor is having an issue with intruders and need to get to the bottom of it before something more sinister comes to pass.

“I would predict a major review will be needed after this latest incident, which is incredibly worrying, especially as this individual was armed. The next time could always be far worse and that is a huge worry.”

Scotland Yard took over the investigation from Thames Valley Police on Boxing Day due to the serious nature of the breach. The suspect remains in the care of medical professionals.

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