The Queen

When does The Queen leave Sandringham and return to London?

The Queen has been at Sandringham House in Norfolk for the best part of two months having departed London for her country retreat in December.

But as the Winter season comes to an end and the daylight extends later into the evening, Her Majesty will be preparing to travel back to Buckingham Palace any day now.

Leaving Sandringham is always a time tinged with sadness for the Monarch. Not only is the private estate one of her most favourite residences, but her departure comes just after Accession Day, when the then Princess Elizabeth officially became Queen following the death of her father, King George VI.

It has long been a tradition that The Queen does not return to the capital city until after Accession Day on February 6.

In the past few years, Her Majesty has departed Sandringham the day after Accession Day on February 7.

However, this year she has decided to stay in Norfolk for a few days longer and will likely board the train for London early next week.

The Queen’s father died at Sandringham House while the young Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Kenya, on tour of the Commonwealth.

The Duke of Edinburgh will likely stay on a little longer at Sandringham than his wife, as he does most years.

Despite the media often referring to The Queen’s time in Sandringham as a ‘holiday’, Her Majesty has been busy working her way through her governmental red boxes over the past few weeks.

She has also carried out a number of private engagements in the Sandringham area.

Sandringham has been privately owned by the royal family since 1862 after it was purchased by Queen Victoria at the request of her son and future King, Prince Edward.

It has remained close to the royals since, and many members of The Royal Family gather here every year for the festive season.