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The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles and Camilla to visit Dumfries House

<![CDATA[The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh along with The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay (as Charles and Camilla are known whilst in Scotland) are scheduled to visit Dumfries House on Wednesday, 2 July.
Built between 1754 and 1759 for the 5th Earl of Dumfries, Dumfries House has remained the same for the past 250 years.
The main rooms, furnishings and contents are still as they were when the 5th Earl was in residence. The property contains an exceptional collection of Chippendale furniture and is a testament to 18th century design.
In June 2007, Prince Charles as Grand Steward of Scotland led a group of charities and heritage organizations to acquire this rare house along with its contents and adjacent land. The goal was simple: keep the historic building as it was and allow the public to witness its unique beauty.
Charles is passionate and a leader in heritage-led renewal schemes. In addition to acquiring the house and land, projects are pending that include apprenticeships in masonry, organic farming and animal husbandry. Part of the scheme is to offer a petting farm and portions of land given to the local community for future farming development.
Her Majesty, Prince Philip accompanied by The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, will visit the Education Centre, Hospitality Centre and Traditional Craft Skills Area Centre and meet students before continuing to the Walled Garden.
In the Garden, The Queen and her husband will meet gardeners, site workers and volunteers before Charles invites Her Majesty to unveil a plaque sundial to mark the visit and officially open the Walled Garden.
The royal Family will then meet sponsors, supporters and staff before visiting Dumfries House itself.
photo credit: trawets1 via photopin cc