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King Abdullah addresses Jordan over COVID-19

By Mueller / MSC - CC BY 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons

Jordan’s King Abdullah II addressed Jordanians via a video message on Monday regarding the ongoing global COVID-19 outbreak. He expressed his confidence in his fellow countrymen in their ability to face the responsibility that lay ahead of them and the world due to the virus.

His Majesty spoke about Jordan’s response to the pandemic and said that he ordered the government to counter the threat, “The moment global alarm bells were sounded over the coronavirus epidemic, I directed the government, our armed forces, and security agencies to maintain maximum readiness in countering this threat, and form a crisis cell before a mass outbreak or, God forbid, losing control.”

He said that Jordanians have risen to the challenge, remarking, “We have all seen our dear Jordanian brothers and sisters, each in their own capacities, rise to the challenge, working day and night to counter this threat. They stand united with their brothers and sisters in our armed forces, for the dignity (karamah) of Jordanians, the dignity all Jordanians have fought and sacrificed for, led by the martyrs and Nashama of the Arab Army and security agencies, to whom we proudly pay tribute on the anniversary of Karamah Battle.”

The King also praised Jordanians for what they’ve done so far in the battle against COVID-19 before requesting that they stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease, “Today—my brothers and sisters, my family, my people, and my source of fortitude—each and every one of you is a soldier of this nation, each in your own post.

“I ask of you, as a father asks of his children, to avoid going out and to abide by official regulations. Let us rise to the responsibility of protecting the nation we love, let us act with dedication and sacrifice, as all the mothers we are celebrating do.”

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