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The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II – the most distinguished royal in the world?

Queen Elizabeth II
i-Images/ Pool

New research has ranked the royals across the world based on their academic, financial and public achievements. They pulled together their net worth, reign length, education, and palace size for a final ranking.

So, if the royals were to have CVs, whose would be the most impressive?

Coming in the number one spot, to no one’s surprise, is Queen Elizabeth II – the longest-reigning monarch in the world – with a total of 748 points. Second place is Malaysia’s Abdullah of Pahang with 661 points, and third place belongs to the Duke of Cambridge with 601 points. Fourth and fifth place belong to Thailand’s King Rama X and Spain’s King Felipe VI, respectively, with 533 and 532 points.

King Felipe VI of Spain. © Casa de SM el Rey/Estela de Castro

In regards to academic achievements, the rankings see the King of Thailand and King of Morocco in first and second place with PhD’s in law. Third place belongs to King Felipe with a MA in Foreign Service while fourth and fifth are King Philippe of Belgium and Queen Margrethe of Denmark (MAs in political science).

Royal Vegas Casino also researched royal heirs and their academic achievements to find Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway coming out on top with M.Phil degree in History and philosophy of science and MSc degree in development studies, respectively.

The wealthiest royals, in order, were found to be King Rama X ($30 billion), Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei ($20 billion), King Salman of Saudi Arabia ($18 billion), the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the UAE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed ($15 billion), and King Hamad of Bahrain ($5 billion).

When analysing who has the most followers on Twitter, The Queen, again, came in 1st place with 4.1 million followers. She was followed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (3,200,000), Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (1,900,000) and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (883,000).

Prince William ranks above his father on Twitter followers. Picture by i-Images / Pool

In a press release, they explained their methodology: “The tool will visualise and conclude who the most distinguished royal is from different royal families around the world. Multiple factors are taken into account in the tool, including their rank, length of reign, net worth, social media presence, military rank, education level, palace size and Google search results.

“The royals were then assigned a numerical rank based on maximum and minimum performance in each category. These ranks were then used to power the interactive tool accordingly. Where data was not retrievable, for example, a child heir’s wealth or a monarch with no Twitter account, we assigned a value of 0, which is reflected as N/A in the tool. The creative itself shows overall rankings for the Royals along with a specific rank of each different category. We have analysed different monarch leaders and their heir or presumed heir for over 25 countries.”

The full research and rankings can be viewed here. The Royal Vegas Casino statistics can be broken down into region or viewed globally.

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