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The Queen

A grieving Queen emerges from Windsor Castle to take her corgi puppies for a walk

The Queen has emerged from Windsor Castle for the first time since the funeral of Prince Philip to take her dogs for a walk.

Earlier this year, Her Majesty welcomed two new corgi puppies to the family to help her through lockdown.

The dogs have been a source of strength for the 94-year-old monarch during the period of time her husband was admitted to hospital, and have offered companionship since his death on April 9.

Before the puppies’ arrival, The Queen only had one dog – a dorgi (dachshund x corgi) called Candy.

The names and gender of each puppy has not been revealed, but are certainly offering some much needed companionship to the monarch in immensely difficult times.

Since her accession in 1952, The Queen has reportedly owned more than 30 corgis. Her pets travel with her in the car or by private plane and have even appeared in films with The Queen. In 2012, for the London Summer Olympics, a few of The Queen’s corgis appeared in the James Bond tribute film shot at Buckingham Palace.  

Her Majesty’s first corgi was named Susan – a gift to the then Princess Elizabeth on her 18th birthday in 1944. The Queen’s line of dorgis came from breeding one of her corgis with one of Princess Margaret’s dachshunds, Pipkin, and there have been four: Vulcan, Candy, Cider and Berry.