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Princess Eugenie: “Women and girls hold up half the sky”

Princess Eugenie
By Mark Jones -, CC BY 2.0, Wiki Commons

Princess Eugenie filmed a short video celebrating International Women’s Day with her organisation, The Anti-Slavery Collective, saying that “women and girls hold up half the sky.”

In the video, posted to The Anti-Slavery Collective’s Instagram page, Eugenie and her co-founder Julia de Boinville share their best wishes for International Women’s Day.

“We believe that women and girls hold up half the sky to the world, so here we are, championing you all, and Happy International Women’s Day,” said Eugenie.

“Thank you for supporting us, thank you for following us every day, but also on this day in particular,” said Julia. “It is statistically proven that as a woman you are more likely to be a victim of modern slavery.

“We want today to remember all the women and girls that have survived, and all the women and girls that we work, and to all of those who are fighting toward this incredibly important cause. So, take a moment in your day to celebrate an important woman in your life, and today, mine will be my co-founder, Eugenie, and all the amazing work we get to do together.”

The Anti-Slavery Collective was founded in 2017, following a trip the two took to India where they learned about the horrors of modern slavery. Per their website, “We became obsessive investigators and would visit anyone who could help us expand our knowledge; from policy makers, law enforcement agencies and academics, to NGOs, social workers and survivors. We asked everyone we encountered, ‘what can two young girls like us do to help?’ Without fail, the answer was always raise awareness. So this became our mission.”

In an interview last week on CNBC, Princess Eugenie said that she hopes her newborn son August “will be one of those people who will continue to see the world as a place that can be changed.

“I would love people to continue to have hope that we can make a difference. I hope that the world will be a place where my child can have hope and continue to know that they can make a big difference.”

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