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Princess Charlotte is the boss of Prince George, according to The Queen

The Queen revealed that Princess Charlotte likes to boss around her older brother Prince George at a prize ceremony at Sandringham on Sunday.

Ten-year-old Emily Clay received a signed Bible from The Queen for a project she’d made – a folder about the story of Daniel and the Lions – when she and her family had the chance to chat with the monarch.

Emily’s mother, Ellen Clay, told reporters that The Queen had asked Emily about her younger sister, Hadleigh.

“She asked if Emily looked after Hadleigh and I said it was more the other way ‘round,” Clay said.

“She said it was like that with Princess Charlotte and Prince George,” she added.

Emily received The Queen’s Bible for Proficiency in Religious Instruction at Sandringham House as her prize.

Twenty-eight years ago, her father, Tom Clay, won a signed Bible, as well, and he told reporters that it was just him and his headmaster who were allowed inside Sandringham House.

Tom Clay elaborated on The Queen’s quip, saying, “The Queen was implying that Charlotte keeps an eye out for George rather than the other way around.”

Tom Clay and Emily Clay are believed to be the only family that has had multiple members win the signed Bible, and the Clays joked to The Queen that they hoped younger daughter Hadleigh would score them a hat-trick.

Princess Charlotte’s confident nature has been hinted at by both of her parents in the past.

Last March, Catherine spoke to a guest at a memorial unveiling for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, about her children.

“Kate said that Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge,” Samantha Burge told reporters afterwards.

“We have both got two-year-olds, and they are ruling the roost.”

Prince William told patients at the Aintree University Hospital last fall that Princess Charlotte is “going to be trouble when she gets older. All fathers say that to me – watch out for the little girls.”

William told another patient that Prince George, who’d recently started attending school, “has been really easy.”

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