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UK papers focus on love and duty as they pay tribute to Prince Philip

Photo Lydia Starbuck

The focus of many papers is the enduring love story of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Images of the couple dominate the front of the Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail. The Sun’s headline reads ‘’We’re all weeping with you, Ma’am’’ while the Star leads with ‘’Her Rock’’. The Mirror chooses ‘’Goodbye, My Beloved’’ for its front page while the Mail goes along similar lines with ‘’Farewell, My Beloved’’. Inside the Daily Telegraph is analysis of ‘’an epic love story that began the moment a young princess glimpsed her dashing cadet.’’

All the papers bring dozens of pages of tributes to The Duke of Edinburgh as well as analysis of his long life and his seven decades of service to the Royal Family. The I Weekend leads with ‘’Life of Duty’’ while The Daily Express has a two page commentary focused on his devotion to ‘’his Queen and country.’’ The Times asks ‘’what now for The Queen without her stalwart at her side?’’

Analysis of his role as the head of a family he could never truly lead plays a part, too, in coverage of the Duke’s passing. The Guardian describes him as a ‘’moderniser who made the most of his limited role’’ in an obituary which looks at how his informal style helped change a well established institution. The Daily Express features the tribute of The Princess Royal whose comments of how life will be so very different without her father as well covered.

And all the papers look ahead to the days to come with coverage of the Royal Family’s request for flowers not to be left at royal residences and for people to pay tribute online or at home rather than risk mingling together as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Many, including the Mai, the Times and the Express have special commemorative pull outs while others promise more tributes in extra magazines and supplements in the days to come.

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