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Man who plotted terror attack against Prince Charles is detained indefinitely

A man who planned to assassinate the Prince of Wales in order to make Prince Harry king, has been detained indefinitely at a mental health hospital.

Mark Colborne, 37, of Southampton, was found guilty in September of plotting an attack from his bedroom with the intention of assassinating the first in line to the throne.

Jurors inside the Old Bailey heard that Colborne had felt “belittled” for being a ginger, white male. They were told that he had fantasised about the killing of the Queen’s eldest son so that Prince Harry, a ginger, could become King.

A previous trial had to be reheard after the jury could not reach a verdict.

Colborne has been detained under section 37 of the Mental Health Act with a further restriction under section 41 “without limited time” on the basis of two psychiatric reports.

After the second trial took place Colborne was found guilty of possessing notes and books which detailed the recipes for lethal poisons such as cyanide.

The jury were told that he bought ingredients online, as well as material such as stockpiled dust masks, metal filter funnels and plastic syringes which were all stored at his home.

Colborne was cleared of intending to use the chemicals and equipment as part of the terror plot against Prince Charles.

Inside court, Colborne’s diary was read out to the jury which said he would ‘sacrifice his life’ to kill Prince Charles and make Harry king.

In his ruling, Judge John Bevan QC said that Colborne was ‘sane but warped’ and was still a ‘clear and ongoing potential danger’ to the public.

He said: “You have been consumed with rage at disparate individuals and groups and you write in graphic terms of bombing and butchery.

“You are, I regret to say, a warped individual who in the past has held views of your fellow man which were repugnant to right-thinking people.”