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The Gloucesters

The Royal Family celebrates the Duchess of Gloucester on her birthday

Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester
Royal Family Twitter

The Duchess of Gloucester’s ongoing work has been highlighted by the Royal Family on her birthday. The Duchess turns 74 on June 20th 2020.

A range of photos of the duchess were shared on the official Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Royal Family along with words of praise for her ongoing dedication to royal duties.

There was a reminder of the high level of engagements the Duchess of Gloucester undertakes every year as the birthday message read ”The Duchess takes great pride in the work which she undertakes for her Patronages, as well as her duties in support of The Queen.”

The Duchess of Gloucester supports over 60 organisations covering a wide range of areas including sports, education and the arts. She has also shown her commitment to the Armed Forces with a range of visits to military sites and deployments in the past years.

Birgitte Eva van Deurs, who was born on June 20th 1946 in Odense, Denmark, married Prince Richard of Gloucester, first cousin of the Queen, on July 8th 1972. Just weeks later, Richard’s older brother, Prince William, was killed in an air crash and the newlyweds found themselves at the forefront of royal duties. They became Duke and Duchess of Gloucester in 1974 and have carried out a wide range of engagements in support of the Queen ever since. The couple have three children and six grandchildren.

The Duchess of Gloucester continues to take on hundreds of royal engagements every year and in the past three months has shown active support for her patronages through phone and video meetings.

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