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Former FBI Director, James Comey, predicts how President Trumps meeting with Her Majesty may go

Donald Trump’s former FBI Chief, James Comey, has suggested that though the Queen may research for her meeting Donald Trump may not give her a chance to get a word in edgeways. This was given in an interview he gave with LBC and is based on his meetings with the President, who it seems it always keen to make sure that everyone considers his speech was the best and craves that affirmation. It is thought that any meeting with the Queen would take place outside of London for security reasons. But It is clear from comments made by the new US Ambassador, President Trump expects to meet Her Majesty the Queen as they are both Heads of State.

Perhaps, what James Comey has failed to recognise is that the research of the Queen goes far beyond researching about the person she is due to meet – any many people have been pleasantly surprised at her knowledge. We are also talking about a monarch who came to the throne in 1952, during her reign there have been numerous US Presidents that she has hosted. She has also served as Commonwealth leader, pulling together leaders of diverse nations and religions from all over the globe into an international organisation which is growing.

There have been many occasions, when Queen Elizabeth II has met leaders that in her heart of hearts she may not have chosen as close friends, but in meeting them she has helped move forward a more peaceable time. I think that President Trump realises in Her Majesty, he will be meeting someone who is not a politician, but has vast experience within the global political sphere, in meeting with her he is probably hoping for someone who will give an affirmation and legitimacy to his position as President of the United States of America, which was after all the result of a democratic decision of the US people.

Perhaps, one thing that may be interesting to see is if President Trump is accompanied by Melania, who the Queen will choose to be at her side.