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Feud Season 2: The War of the Waleses

Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series Feud hasn’t even debuted its first season yet, and already the FX Network has greenlit a second season – the feud between Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The War of the Waleses is set to be the storyline for Feud’s second season, officially titled Feud: Charles and Diana, involving the breakdown of their marriage, separation, and subsequent divorce.

From the moment their engagement was announced, the world’s press became fascinated with Prince Charles and his young bride, Lady Diana Spencer. Soon, Diana became the most photographed woman in the world, gave birth to two sons, and revolutionised the Royal Family through her fashion, humanitarian and charitable causes, and media attention.

The fairytale wedding soon gave way to the War of the Waleses, as the feud has been called. The fighting is reported to have begun shortly after their marriage. Both Prince Charles and Diana engaged in extramarital affairs, and by 1992, they were separated. In 1996, their divorce was finalised, and in 1997, Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris.

There is no casting news as to which actors will play the iconic couple. Although Ryan Murphy has a coterie of stars that follow him from project to project, so viewers familiar with his American Horror Story and American Crime Story anthologies might see some familiar faces taking on the key players.

Ryan Murphy and Jon Robin Baitz will write the 10-episode series, which will air in 2018, just after the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death.

This is the latest television project to feature the British Royal Family as a subject matter, following Netflix’s The Crown, which traces Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from coronation to present day, and ITV/PBS’s Victoria, which traces the reign of Queen Victoria.

Feud’s first season, which will focus on the legendary Hollywood feud between classic actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, premieres this Sunday night on FX.

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