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‘Fab Four’ photographer’s daughter scores beautiful image of the Duchess of Cambridge at BAFTA’s red carpet

Catching candid snaps of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seems to run in the family for Karen Anvil and her daughter, Rachel.

After snapping one of the first, clear photos of William and Kate alongside Harry and Meghan—the Fab Four—at Sandringham on Christmas Day in 2017, Anvil reportedly made £40,000. And she continues to take photos of the royals.

The Anvils were invited to the 72nd annual EE BAFTA Awards red carpet on Sunday night as guests of Apple and were fenced in an area separate from the press and the public.

Anvil told the Daily Mail that they were standing right next to the entrance of the Royal Albert Hall with a perfect view when the Duke and Duchess appeared.

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William is president of BAFTA, and he and Kate have made it a tradition to attend the awards ceremony since 2017.

Rachel caught Kate’s attention as she and William were walking into Royal Albert Hall after the red carpet had been cleared, and just before the ceremony began.

Anvil said that her daughter yelled, “I just want to say you look really beautiful,” which prompted Kate to turn to her and reply “Thank you so much!”

Rachel snapped the photo just as she’d caught the Duchess’s attention, and Kate is beaming in the photo. William is visible behind Kate, though his face is hidden.

Anvil said that “They didn’t stop to speak to anyone but they were so professional and natural.”

Speaking of the evening, she said it was a great night, though it was cold outside. “It was absolutely freezing and my feet are still killing this morning, but it was so worth it!”

Anvil said that Her Royal Highness looked stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown. “When you see her in flesh it’s amazing, no photo does her justice. She’s perfection.

“The atmosphere was amazing. The crowd love her, and when she becomes queen, she will be wonderful.”

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