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Duchess of Sussex “Deal Or No Deal” briefcase going up for auction

Charlie Proctor/Royal Central

Looking to own a piece of memorabilia linked to the Duchess of Sussex’s’ former acting career? Now you can. Before she starred on “Suits”, Meghan was known as a “briefcase girl” on “Deal Or No Deal.”

Now, Meghan’s case from the show is going up for auction. The case is being auctioned off through Profiles in History. The case is expected to go for about £4,900 or, around $6,500 USD.

In the past, Meghan has previously admitted that she would hope contestants would pick her case so she didn’t have to continue to stand throughout the taping.

“I would end up standing there forever in these terribly uncomfortable and inexpensive five-inch heels just waiting for someone to pick my number so I could do and sit down,” Meghan recalled.

Meghan worked on the show between 2006 and 2007. She even worked alongside model Chrissy Teigen. After that, she landed the role of Rachel Zane on Suits and starred in the USA series from 2011 to 2018. After her engagement announcement to Prince Harry, it was confirmed that Meghan would be retiring from her acting career to fulfil royal duties.

The auction Meghan’s case will be in will also include other pieces of Hollywood history. Other items going up for grabs include Judy Garland’s blue and white jumper from The Wizard of Oz. The letter Marty McFly leaves behind to warn Doc Brown of his fate in Back to the Future will also be up for sale as well as Iron Man’s robotic gauntlets.

The Hollywood: A Collector’s Ransom Auction 109 will be over the course of three days. The sale will start Tuesday, December 17th and will go until Thursday, December 19th.

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