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Duchess of Cornwall praises Bolton boy for reading 50 books during lockdown

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Clarence House Instagram

The Duchess of Cornwall has praised the efforts of a young boy who has spent the COVID-19 lockdown reading 50 books.

Milan Kumar, an eight-year-old from Bolton, completed a year-long reading challenge set up by his school in only three months, according to Eastern Eye. The reading list included works by JK Rowling, William Shakespeare and David Williams.

Milan told the news that he started reading in March and had hoped to complete it by June. He then sent Camilla a letter to let her know about his achievement.

“I went on to read more than 50 books including a biography of Nelson Mandela, which was uplifting and reminded me of my family holiday last year to South Africa,” Milan said.

Camilla sent Milan a letter, which reads: “Dear Milan, Thank you for your lovely card and for telling me the exciting news that you have been nominated Bolton’s Lockdown Reading Hero! That is absolutely wonderful and I do hope you are proud of yourself. Keep up the good work!”

After receiving a letter from the literary duchess, Kumar’s parents thanked her for writing to him, saying that it inspired Milan “who is now looking forward to the next reading challenge.”

When asked, Milan said that he was inviting Camilla to visit his school if she’s ever in the area, as it looks like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series, books she has mentioned in the past as ones that Prince Charles reads to her grandchildren, and leaves them spellbound by using different voices for different characters.

“If you ever visit the northwest of England, you would be more than welcome to visit Bolton School, which by the way looks just like Hogwarts! I will be in Year 4, please pop in and say hi, and perhaps Prince Charles can read a Harry Potter story to us!” Milan said.

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