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Dodgy character tries to gain access to The Queen and Chinese President

During the latest state visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping, a heated exchange between his security team and British officials took place after a Beijing-based “spy” acted as Jinping’s translator to gain access to The Queen’s State Coach.

Without hesitation, the British diplomatic protection squad confronted the Chinese official, and he was ousted, according to The Sunday Times, who cited documents that have been circulating in Whitehall, the centre of the British government.

According to British officials, they believe the Chinese agent wished to join Queen Elizabeth and Jinping inside the Royal carriage. When the man was intercepted, a standoff took place between officials, the daily reported confirming this with three senior figures who all confirmed details of the event.

“The bodyguard, or spy, attempted to get in the carriage and was prevented when it was ascertained by our security officials that he was actually a security official rather than the official translator. In other words, they were trying to get someone dodgy into the carriage alongside the president and the Queen,” a senior figure was quoted.

“There was a stand-off and our protection people were shouldered aside. There’s an issue here about bullying, uncomprehending Chinese police. This security should be done by us, not them,” spoke a senior Tory.

Her Majesty and the Chinese President were riding along The Mall in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach that was designed for the Queen by Australian carriage maker Jim Frecklington.

President Xi was accompanied by his wife, Madame Peng Liyuan, on the State Visit last week.

The last incoming Chinese State Visit to the United Kingdom occurred in 2005 when President Hu Jintao paid a visit. The Queen and Prince Philip made their way to China for a State Visit in 1986, the first visit to the country by a reigning British monarch.