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The Duchess of Cambridge hails nurses in special video message

The Duchess of Cambridge speaks about the work of nurses
Nursing Now You Tube Still/ Fair Use

The Duchess of Cambridge praised the “incredible work” of nurses globally throughout the coronavirus pandemic in a video message to mark the end of the Nursing Now Campaign.

The video, shared to the Nursing Now Campaign’s YouTube page, features Kate congratulating nurses for the three-year campaign. She continues:

“When Nursing Now was launched in 2018, we had no way of knowing just how much the work dedication and infinite care of nurses would be tested, needed, and appreciated. COVID-19 has highlighted the vital role that nurses provide, which we all rely on. And it’s made all the more extraordinary when we consider the huge sacrifices and personal demands that have been placed on all of you by the pandemic.

“It has been the hardest of years and my heartfelt thanks to you and your colleagues around the world for the incredible work you do every day.”

To mark the end of their campaign, Nursing Now supported nurses from Tonga to Tobago in a series called Global Footprints, which are six events that celebrate nurses and aim to garner support from health ministers around the world to adopt a new strategy that will transform the nursing profession. Global Footprints will be debated at the World Health Assembly.

Kate’s message, recorded for the closing events of Global Footprints, introduced a short film produced to highlight the work that Nursing Now completed over its three years.

A Ugandan midwife interviewed by Kate, Harriet Nayiga, considered a pioneer in the field, was also featured in the short film. Kate recalled listening to her talk about her work as “humbling and inspiring.”

She continued: “This short film shows some of the amazing work that Nursing Now has been doing over the last three years to develop the confidence, training and leadership potential of over 30,000 nurses and midwives worldwide.”

“I wish you all the very best for your future work.”

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