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Antiques Roadshow comes to Balmoral Castle

On Sunday evening at 8pm, viewers in the UK will be treated to an episode of BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow which is this week airing from Balmoral Castle.

Balmoral Castle, The Queen’s private residence in Scotland, opened it’s doors at the end of July where people from across the country bought their antique treasures to be valued by experts.

It was Her Majesty herself who granted the BBC special permission to film on her grounds, following the highly successful episode last year at Hillsborough Castle which featured the Queen in person.

The episode airing on Sunday 6th December will be the first of two parts filmed at the castle the second will be broadcast the following Sunday at the same time.

More than 2,000 guests came to have their items valued at the castle. Some of the treasures people bought in include a Cairngorm Stone brooch which belonged to Prince Albert, as well as a 50lb natural crystal that was given as a gift to Queen Victoria.

Speaking of Prince Albert’s Cairngorm Stone Brooch, antiques expert Geoffrey Munn said:

“The great thing about silver objects is that they are hallmarked – this one is made in 1847 and it’s the early days in Scotland. There are Scottish swords and cannons and pennants and flags, so in every way it’s a completely Scottish object and so for the Prince to have something like that to wear very close to his heart is very emblematic of what this whole house is about.”

Antique Roadshow presenter, Fiona Bruce, said the Queen is a 'big fan' of the programme. [Photo Charlie Proctor]

Antiques Roadshow presenter, Fiona Bruce, said the Queen is a ‘big fan’ of the programme. [Photo Charlie Proctor]

Queues of people waited for hours to have their items valued, including the monarch’s housekeeper. However, anybody who was hoping to get a glimpse of a member of the royal family would have been disappointed, as none were in residence at the time.

Last year the monarch and Duke of Edinburgh were told the history of some of their antiques for a special episode of the roadshow filmed at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.

The program’s presenter, Fiona Bruce, described the 89 monarch’s appearance as ‘quite a moment for the Antiques Roadshow’, and said that she had been told the Queen ‘is a fan’ of the show.

Simon Shaw, Antiques Roadshow’s editor said:

“It was a huge honour to be able to film at the Queen’s private residence in Scotland and feature objects that are part of its fascinating history. Balmoral Castle and its grounds are a magnificent setting for the programme, and it was a thrilling experience for us and the thousands of visitors who came with their treasures and to tell us their stories.”

Antiques Roadshow from Balmoral Castle is on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday December 6th and again at 8pm on December 13th.