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Syrian air strikes raise security threat to Royal Family

Last week, the British parliament voted in favour of air strikes in Syria as a way of combatting militant group Daesh, otherwise known as Islamic State. However, in fear of possible repercussions, royal security has been stepped up as the risk of an attack in the UK increases.

Security services around the Queen and other senior members of the royal family has been increased because police are concerned about possible terrorist attempts on their lives.

Prince Harry is of particular concern to the security services as a result of his active military service in Afghanistan.

Royal sources said the security measures were have been put into place after the decision that the UK will now actively take part in the bombing of Syria.

The UK terror threat level currently stands at ‘severe’ – meaning a terror attack is highly likely.

According to reports in the United States, European intelligence agencies have specific information that the Daesh will attack the United Kingdom as their next target.

The Royal family are seen as the ultimate targets for the militant group because of the worldwide publicity and attention an attack targeted at them would generate.

According to The Daily Telegraph, all Royal visits at home and abroad are currently under review to decide whether they are necessary and sensible in light of recent events.

Some uncoming visits that the royal family will undertake in the not too distant future includes a visit to India next March by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Former head of royal protection, Dai Davies, said: “They are unlikely to increase the number of personal protection officers because there is only a small pool of them, but the sort of things they will be looking at are the arrangements around royal visits, and especially the arrangements when they are travelling from A to B, which is when 90 per cent of attacks happen.

“They will be reviewing every visit to decide if it’s necessary and safe, they will be working with the intelligence agencies to go over any information about threats, and they will be looking at where they are staying overnight.

“PPOs want reaction times, so if you’re staying in a hotel you want to be high enough that you’re not on the initial approach but not so high that you’re going to get trapped.”

Mr Davies said the increased security measures put in place could include disguising easily identifiable royal cars such as the vintage Rolls Royce and Bentleys which are very distinguishable and instead using more anonymous vehicles such as armoured Range Rovers.

Serious questions are already being raised after a security breach last week where two protesters managed to climb up onto the roof in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace.
Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet Minister’s are also likely to get an increased security presence.