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Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York: their royal romance, in pictures

It’s a royal relationship that has continued to intrigue even though it officially came to an end over twenty years ago. Now, the possible reunion of the Duke of York and his former wife, Sarah, is hitting the headlines once again as the pair travelled to Bahrain together, their first joint overseas trip for a quarter of a century. It was a private visit, although the Duke of York carried out some engagements while there, and after they were spotted together, reports began to circulate that Andrew and Sarah might be about to reunite. That’s all been damped down by the duchess. But as new questions emerge, Royal Central takes a look at this famous royal romance, in pictures.

The couple announced their engagement on March 17th 1986 and soon afterwards appeared before the press at Buckingham Palace. Sarah Ferguson showed off her ruby and diamond engagement ring as well as her sense of humour.

The couple married at Westminster Abbey on July 23rd 1986 before a congregation packed with royalty. The bride’s dress, by Lindka Cierach, became an instant classic while the brand new Duke and Duchess of York were cheered as they shared a romantic kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding.

As they took on a wider range of engagements and duties, the couple’s royal romance was on show for all to see. Their tour of Canada, undertaken as they approached their first wedding anniversary, showed how close they were.

The Duke and Duchess of York welcomed their first child, Beatrice, on August 8th 1988 and proudly showed her off to the world a few days later. They were the picture perfect happy family in December when their daughter was christened in London.

Fergie’s famous face pulling might have grabbed plenty of headlines during her early years as a royal but she still found time for loving looks for her husband as the pair made regular appearnces.

The arrival of Eugenie, their second daughter, in March 1990 set the seal on the new York family.

Just two years later, Andrew and Sarah announced their separation. However, they always maintained they remained good friends and happy in each other’s company, as could be seen when they appeared with their daughters in May 1990, just weeks after parting.

In fact, rumours that they were getting back together again began almost immediately their divorce came through in 1996. Family photos, like this one taken in Verbier in 1998 did nothing to dispel the idea that Andrew and Fergie were on the cusp of coupledom again.

That apparent closeness has been seen at official royal events too including Ascot where Sarah, Duchess of York is now a regular feature once again.

There was a shared proud parent moment for both in October 2018 when they watched Eugenie marry Jack Brooksbank at Windsor.

Now, as spring blossoms, there is new chatter of a possible return to the altar for the Duke and Duchess of York after Fergie accompanied Andrew on that visit to Bahrain. A spokesperson for Sarah, Duchess of York said the couple ”continue to be good friends and nothing has changed in their relationship”. But their appearance together has led to fresh questions about another royal wedding for 2019.

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