Prince Harry left ‘irritated’ after visit to Angola


It has been revealed today by HALO Trust chief executive Guy Willoughby that Prince Harry has been left irritated, after last week’s visit to Angola, at some countries’ reluctance to help fund the removal of land minds in countries, which they initially helped supply.

Prince Harry’s first visit with HALO was to Mozambique in 2010, where he helped workers demine the area. He is now a Patron of the Trust’s 25th Anniversary Appeal.

The Prince is seen to be following in his mother’s footsteps, as she also worked with HALO and visited Angola in 1997, just a few months before her tragic death.

Since 1988 The HALO Trust has found and destroyed more than 1.4 million landmines. These are of huge risk to local people living in areas where they are buried. They have on many occasions resulted in innocent people of all ages, even children losing multiple limbs or their lives.

Hopefully with the charity’s 25th Anniversary Appeal and Prince Harry’s support more will be done to help remove the mines and prevent these incidents from taking place.

His visit there is a private one, with no media presence there, in fact the media only found out about the visit after he had arrived there. The photographs were released by HALO.

Photo Credit: UK in Brazil