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Will The Queen ever take up residence at Buckingham Palace again?

Ana Bort via Flickr CC

The Queen is due to return to Buckingham Palace for a limited number of audiences in the near future according to the royal household. However, it remains to be seen whether one of London’s most famous buildings will ever become Her Majesty’s primary residence once again.

In recent years, the monarch has been spending much less time at Buckingham Palace and instead prefers to stay at nearby Windsor Castle.

Before 2020 and the ongoing public health emergency, The Queen usually spent Monday to Thursday at Buckingham Palace, and then stayed at Windsor Castle from Friday to Sunday.

During the summer months, she stays at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and then spends the Christmas period at Sandringham House.

This year has been slightly different due to the global health crisis, with the monarch staying at Windsor Castle from March till August.

As usual, she has spent summer at Balmoral Castle, and will soon head to the Sandringham Estate with Prince Philip.

It is then understood that the 94-year-old monarch will return to Windsor Castle, meaning she is nearby to Buckingham Palace for the occasional engagement.

This is a marked change on previous years, with The Queen spending much less time at her Central London home than ever before.

In 2011, Her Majesty spent 109 nights at Buckingham Palace. A few years later, in 2015, she only spent 88 nights at the palace, with the downward trend continuing year on year.

This year, she will hardly spend any time in SW1A at all, although Her Majesty will not be too disappointed by this, with her preferred residences being elsewhere.