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VE Day: how Britain celebrated with its King and Queen

In the days and weeks afterwards, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited many parts of England to see how people were beginning to tackle post war living. They were given a warm reception everywhere while some areas, like London’s East End, welcomed them as one of their own. On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Royal Central looks back at how Britain celebrated with its king and queen.

Looking after London

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In the days immediately after VE Day, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited some of the parts of London worst hit by the War. They rode into the East End in an open carriage and were greeted by huge crowds.

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The royal couple also toured Streatham where schoolchildren came out in force to celebrate with the royals. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret accompanied their parents on several of their victory visits.

Home Front Heroes

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Those who had worked so tirelessly to keep the country going during the darkest days of World War Two weren’t forgotten as the Royal Family said thank you. Queen Elizabeth spent time celebrating the work of the Home Guard.

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As people began to adjust to life after Victory in Europe, the Royal Family continued to tour the country to show their support for those living in very changed times. Here, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elizabeth visit a family getting used to a ‘new normal’.

Saluting the Soldiers

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As military personnel began to return from overseas, the Royal Family was among the first to thank as many as they could. Queen Elizabeth visited a retreat for Indian soldiers in the weeks immediately after VE Day.

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King George VI and Queen Elizabeth threw open the doors of Buckingham Palace to give a garden party for former prisoners of war as they made their way home again.

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