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The real life royals who have inspired the UK’s newest Dame

By National Media Museum from UK, Wiki Commons

The award winning author, Rose Tremain, has been made a Dame in the New Year’s Honours List. It’s the latest celebration of a remarkable career which has seen her collect some of the most sought after prizes in the literary world. And several of her most famous books feature royal stories, brought to life through the eyes of her clever characters.

Charles II

The Merry Monarch is one of the stars of the new Dame’s celebrated book, Restoration. The novel tells the story of Robert Merivel who ends up at the court of King Charles II, finding favour then falling from grace before seeking to restore his fortune once more.

Christian IV of Denmark

Music and Silence is one of the best known books by Rose Tremain and it’s set at the court of King Christian IV of Denmark in the years when his second marriage, to Kirsten Munk, was falling apart. It tells the story of a fictional musician, Peter Claire, who falls in love with one of Kirsten Munk’s servants. It won the Whitbread Award for best novel twenty years ago.

Wallis Simpson

The Duchess of Windsor takes centre stage in a collection of short stories published by Dame Rose Tremain in 2006. ‘The Darkness of Wallis Simpson’ is the headline tale and focuses on her last years, where she lived in almost total seclusion in Paris. It tells the story of a woman who has forgotten the long dead former king who gave up his realm to marry her.

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