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Queen Rania urges world to come together after pandemic

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In a pre-recorded message, Queen Rania of Jordan spoke to the international community at the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF) in New York.

The Queen spoke to assembled UN officials, private sector executives, humanitarian activists, thought leaders and heads of state via a virtual message on Tuesday, September 21.

She stressed that in times of crisis, people should not “focus only on narrow self-interest” and should work together for the good of humankind.

Her Majesty said: “If we step back, if we widen our sights, we see a different picture… one that demands – and reinforces — our faith in collective action.”

Queen Rania referenced the global health crisis and how better communication would have helped lessen the severity of the situation. She said a more robust “human network” is needed that is built on better communication.

“To build forward better, we must upgrade our human connectivity – the virtual and the virtuous. Humanity’s neural network, 8 billion strong, must be powered by common vision and commitment,” she said.

The Queen emphasised that people are great at adapting and highlighted virtual learning and remote work that took place once the pandemic began. “If we work together and apply those new lessons, we can not only recover lost learning but bring new knowledge and promise to people across the globe,” Her Majesty remarked.

Queen Rania also addressed the shortcomings of the international community when it comes to collaborating, stressing, “we’re still far from fluent in the language of our common humanity.” By not cooperating with one another, it poses a dangerous risk “because we don’t exist in a world of separate boxes, nor do our problems.”

While the Queen addressed the WHF, her husband, King Abdullah of Jordan, spoke at the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations on Wednesday, September 22.

The WHF took place on 21 and 22 September in New York.

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