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Prince Carl Philip of Sweden hands out scholarships to young artists

Prince Carl Philip
Kungahuset You Tube still/ fair use

His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip has always been interested in art. He himself has been a keen artist and has designed a number of artistic objects. On Wednesday, September 22, Prince Carl Philip handed out scholarships in a drawing competition called ‘The Thinking Hand’. The ceremony took place in Gustav III’s Antique Museum at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

The Thinking Hand, also known as ‘The King’s scholarship competition for young artists’ is a recurring drawing competition and exhibition for young artists who work with visual design, architecture, fashion, design, illustration, game development and other related disciplines.

The three winners of this year’s competition were Hannah Clarkson, whose images captured the work of a surgeon and anatomy are woven together with an exploratory artistic gaze. Hanna Holmgren was also recognised with a scholarship for her textile craft which she created in several layers, capturing the grandeur of nature. The final winner was Titus Boguslaw with expressive faces on the border between adolescence and adulthood.

The scholarship recipients were rewarded SEK 100,000 from a scholarship fund established by Elisabeth and Gustaf Douglas on the occasion of the Swedish King’s 70th birthday. Prince Carl Philip is part of the jury that chose the winners of the scholarships. This year’s nominated artists and their work were presented in a digital gallery on the Royal Palace’s website for a couple of months earlier this year.

In connection with King Carl XVI Gustaf`s 70th birthday in 2016, a scholarship fund was established by Elisabeth and Gustaf Douglas with the aim of highlighting young professionals who work with drawing as a work tool. The competition is open to young artists who work with visual design in art, architecture, fashion, design, illustration, game development or other related areas. Each year three scholarship recipients are appointed and awarded SEK 100.000 each. The goal is to draw attention to the special knowledge that the interaction between eye and hand provides to develop thinking and raise the status of visual design. The Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts arranges the competition in collaboration with His Majesty the King.

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