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Meghan, Beyonce and a royal portrait that’s got everyone talking

It’s the royal portrait everyone is talking about right now and it’s all about Meghan. As they picked up the BRIT for Best International Group, Beyonce and Jay Z said their thank yous in front of an imagined portrait of the Duchess of Sussex in rather traditional royal pose. And it’s taken on a fame all of its own.

There was a huge reaction to the image and the message it sent on social media with widespread praise for the couple for their high profile support for the Duchess of Sussex. They stood in front of the portrait for their acceptance speech, adding ”everything is love” before turning to face the image of Meghan.

Beyonce took to Instagram later to share more images of the portrait with her 124 million followers. One image included the message ‘’in honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy, we wish you so much joy!’

The portrait itself is the work of illustrator Tim O’Brien and it has previously featured on magazine covers. It uses elements of a photo taken of Meghan in 2013 and widely shared on Wikipedia. But what really adds the regal touch is the great big wall of diamonds sitting on the duchess’ head in this portrait.

The tiara appears to be a version of the Cartier Fleur de Lys diadem that belongs to the Spanish Royal Family. It was created in 1906 for Princess Victoria Eugenie, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, when she married King Alfonso XIII of Spain, becoming the country’s consort as she said ‘I do’ with this diamond dazzler perched on her head.

It’s a pretty gem with plenty of meaning. It looks very regal and that’s because it is – known as ‘La Buena’, this sparkler is traditionally only worn by queens. Meanwhile, Ena’s story is an interesting one. She arrived in her new country after a whirlwind romance and faced down opposition to wed her handsome king only to experience resentment in some quarters at her new role.

The reaction to this right royal surprise at the BRITS is still going on. What do you think of this statement from the Carters?

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