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King and Queen continue tour through Spain in Pamplona

© Casa de SM el Rey

Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia have continued their tour through Spain in Pamplona in an effort to promote tourism. Their Majesties have been visiting different areas of the country after the pandemic lockdown in Spain was lifted.

The King and Queen arrived in the Navarra region alongside the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, to learn about the social initiatives of Aspace Navarra, which is due to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. The non-profit organisation works with those who have cerebral palsy.

Their tour also included visits to the Ramón y Cajal Centre and the technology company das-Nano. The former has a food texturing project that helps create food that is safe for consumption while also “thinking about the difficulties presented by the people with intellectual disabilities in food,” according to Casa Real.

The last item on their agenda at this stop was a working meeting with Aspace Navarra to learn about their day-to-day work alongside its General Director, Rafael Olleta. Olleta shared his experiences with families who have children with cerebral palsy and what all the organisation does for them.

According to Casa Real, Aspace Navarra has 325 members, 526 workers and numerous volunteers.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia later toured das-Nano to learn about the artificial intelligence that it specialises in which includes technological solutions aimed at the medical field; they spoke to its founders, Esteban Morrás and Eduardo Azanza, who explained the company and its structure to Their Majesties.

King Felipe explained that he and Queen Letizia want to highlight different aspects of the communities they are visiting, and he thanked the organisation for allowing them to visit. He said that visiting the centre and technology business reflected two “powerful” sections of society – innovation and social action.

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