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Prince Joachim gave interview the same day he became ill

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim of Denmark. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

On Saturday, it was announced that Prince Joachim of Denmark, the younger child of Queen Margrethe had an emergency brain surgery on Friday in France. Now, the Danish press has revealed that the Prince gave an interview just two hours before he became ill on Friday.

Just a few hours before Prince Joachim became acutely ill with a blood clot on his brain, he was interviewed by the French newspaper La Dépêche. It was both a journalist and photographer from La Dépêche who visited Princess Marie and Prince Joachim at the Château de Cayx. During the interview and photo session, there was nothing to suggest that the Prince would soon become seriously ill.

In the interview, Prince Joachim talked about his French family and affiliation with the city of Cahors, where the Château de Cayx is located, as well as what their holiday plans in the French city were this year. Prince Joachim of Denmark, 51, has received an enormous amount of well-wishes after his emergency brain surgery on Friday in France.

Prince Joachim and his family were on holiday at the Danish Royal Family’s French residence, Château de Cayx, at the time of the health incident and had just celebrated his second son, Prince Felix’s 18th birthday on 22 July. It is currently uncertain when and if the interview of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will be published in the French press. It is not known how long the Prince will be hospitalised.

It was on Saturday night that the Danish Royal Family announced that Prince Joachim had been rushed to the University Hospital in Toulouse in France late at night, where he was operated on for a blood clot in his brain. On Sunday morning, the Royal Family announced that the 51-year-old Prince’s condition remained stable and that he was well under the circumstances.

Joachim, who is sixth in line to the throne of Denmark, is the second son of Queen Margrethe and her late husband, Prince Henrik. He is currently living in France with Marie and their two children where he has been undertaking training at the French Military Academy, the École Militaire.

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