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Princess Estelle unveils her first portrait during visit to duchy

Photo: Linda Broström, Royal. Hovstaterna

Princess Estelle of Sweden has visited her duchy of Östergötland alongside her parents and unveiled her first portrait.

The ten-year-old Princess and her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, first travelled to Linköping Castle, where Estelle unveiled her first portrait, which will hang in the “Duchess Estelle’s salon” in the castle. The portrait of Estelle was painted in 2015 and showed the Princess in her home at Haga Palace.

The family then received a tour of Linköping Castle alongside the Governor of Östergötland, Carl Fredrik Graf and his wife, Anette Graf, before visiting Tåkern Nature Park.

Ahead of the visit, the Governor said in a press release about Estelle and the visit, “We are very proud to have the Princess as our duchess, and it is a great honour for us to receive parts of the royal family in our county.”

At the park, Princess Estelle took part in field activities focusing on water and the environment and later unveiled a model, with a little help from her mother, showing the future outdoor cooking place that will be built in the park for the tenth anniversary. She also got to judge an ice cream competition and learn more about the park’s birds and insects.

To conclude the day’s events, Estelle took a walk on the fairytale path given to her for her baptism in 2012. The trail, which includes statues like frogs with little crowns, was opened in 2014 by the Crown Princess Couple and young Estelle.

Tåkern Nature Park is celebrating its tenth anniversary and was opened by King Carl Gustaf on 25 May 2012. It is located on the south side of Lake Tåkern and receives around 60,000 visitors each year.

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