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Prince Daniel on Princess Estelle: “I can hardly talk about missing a month or a year of her life”

Speaking at Generation Pep’s Pep Forum conference in Sweden last week, Prince Daniel spoke to a rapt audience about the importance of ensuring all children – regardless of social standing – have the same access and tools to live an active, knowledge-building life.

Reflecting on the differences in opportunity faced by varying socio-economic classes, Daniel spoke pointedly about the fact that there is a documented difference of six years in lifespan for those who come from impoverished backgrounds and those who have access to education and economic opportunities.

He said: “Sweden should be a country where all children and young people have the same conditions for an active life.”

The Prince’s daughter, Princess Estelle will be turning six next year, and he spoke of how being a parent has shown him just how much six years can mean in a human’s life.

Prince Daniel spoke from the heart and with evident emotion, saying: “We who have children know how much happens in six years and how much you miss if you’re not there. Our little girl at home, Estelle, [will turn] six years old in February. Just the thought, I can hardly talk about missing a month or a year of her life because of poor health. I can hardly think about it.”

The Prince went on to urge politicians, businesses, organisations and parents to work together to give children and young people the help they need as, in the end, each small action can lead to longer life. He said: “We can not accept that some lives contain so many days less than the lives of others. Just because you happen to be born into another family with other socio-economic conditions.”

The non-profit Generation Pep organisation was founded by Prince Daniel and his wife, Crown Princess Victoria, in July 2016 and works to promote commitment to the health of children and young people through charitable works and the dissemination of knowledge.