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Prince Daniel attends award ceremony for exports

Prince Daniel of Sweden
Elisabeth Toll, Kungl. Hovstaterna

The Swedish government is investing heavily in increasing Swedish exports, and the royals are part of the team to promote increased trade with other nations. Last Friday, Prince Daniel was present when Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg presented the Swedish government’s export prices at a ceremony at the Government Offices in Stockholm.

During the ceremony, the newly established awards were presented, which aim to promote Swedish exports and encourage companies to export.

The government also wishes to draw attention to the counties where collaboration between regional actors is excellent and where companies succeed in an exceptionally meritorious way in their export efforts.

“The Export Success of the Year 2021” award was given to the biotechnology company BICO Group. Erik Gatenholm, co-founder and CEO, received the award on behalf of his firm. BICO Group is based in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, and today, they have offices in 65 nations.

“The Export Region of the Year 2021” award was given to the Halland Region of Sweden. Ellen Källberg, a business strategist at Region Halland, received the award. Through close collaboration between the public sector and the business community, the Halland region has become one of the strongest growing export regions in Sweden and has also shown that areas dominated by small and medium-sized companies can successfully increase exports. Around 1.5 million Swedes work in the export sector, and this is also where many of the new jobs in Sweden now are created. Therefore, more companies are encouraged to dare to and want to export.

Prince Daniel gave a short and spontaneous speech at the ceremony, and he also had the opportunity to speak to the winners. The Prince also talked to other leaders from the Swedish business community to familiarise themselves with their problems and challenges.

Prince Daniel recently returned from Italy, where he and Crown Princess Victoria were on a visit to increase trade between the two nations.

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