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Prince Carl Philip visits Hanover Fair

Prince Carl Philip was in Germany to attend the Hanover Fair earlier this week, as the event focused on Swedish partnership.

On Monday, Prince Carl Philip attended a presentation and roundtable discussion about the digitisation of physical products with data and services called “The Product is Dead – Long Live the Product” with a combination of Swedish and German business executives.

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Later, he visited the Swedish Pavilion to see the work of companies that want to collaborate on “innovation, sustainability, digitisation and globalisation,” according to the Swedish Royal Court.

The Royal Court notes that some of the innovative work on display at the Swedish Pavilion includes “production using robots, 3-D printers, virtual reality, new technology for ‘intelligent packaging’, fossil-free energy, and fossil-free steel production.”

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Monday evening, Prince Carl Philip attended a dinner for Swedish and German delegates, hosted by Swedish Ambassador Per Thöresson, where he gave a speech about the ties between Germany and Sweden.

Prince Carl Philip remarked:

“My mother [Queen Silvia] was born in Heidelberg. Her father, Walter Sommerlath, was German and worked for a Swedish company, Uddeholm. And on my father’s side, my grandmother, Princess Sibylla, was born in Gotha and became a Swedish princess. So, there is definitely a part of me that feels at home here.”

Prince Carl Philip continued that “Our two countries are indeed strongly connected; not only by the past, but also by the present and, hopefully, the future. Germany is Sweden’s largest business partner today.”

Speaking about the Hanover Fair, Prince Carl Philip said:

“Represented here tonight are some of Germany’s most important industries and some of Sweden’s most innovative start-ups. Bringing you together is certainly a good idea.

“What you have accomplished in your companies is truly fantastic. But the really great ideas are the ones that you will come up with together, as partners.”

On Tuesday, Prince Carl Philip, along with a Swedish delegation, visited Volkswagen in Wolfsburg to learn about the company’s products and services. Later, he returned to the Hanover Fair and, accompanied by representatives from the Danish government, toured the facility.

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Prince Carl Philip’s visit ended at Herrenhausen Palace, where he was a guest at a reception hosted by the government of Lower Saxony.

The Hanover Fair is the world’s largest industrial fair and featured 6,500 exhibitors, over 220,000 visitors, and 6.5 million business contacts, according to its website.

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