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King Juan Carlos faces new investigation by Spanish prosecutors


King Juan Carlos faces fresh challenges in Spain as prosecutors have opened a new investigation into the business dealings of the former monarch.

The prosecutors in Spain’s Supreme Court have said they have opened a preliminary investigation into the King Emeritus after a report by the national anti-money laundering agency. No further details were given by the Supreme Court on Friday.

King Juan Carlos was already under investigation for taking money from the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in what was linked to a high-speed train contract.

Casa Real and spokespeople for King Juan Carlos could not be reached when questioned by Reuters.

The former popular monarch is in self-imposed exile in the United Arab Emirates. He left Spain in August ahead of sending a letter to his son, King Felipe, that was released by Casa Real. By the time the letter was revealed to the public, Juan Carlos was already out of the country.

The King Emeritus was once a popular leader in Spain after he helped usher in democracy in the country after the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The fascist leader had picked Juan Carlos to succeed him and carry on his regime, not knowing that the future monarch was planning to end the dictatorship and give Spain democracy.

His popularity waned as the years went on as scandals began to emerge. Just this year, King Felipe renounced all claims to financial inheritance from his father and cut the former monarch’s allowance.

He became King of Spain after Franco’s death in 1975 and reigned until he abdicated in favour of his and Queen Sofía’s son, Felipe, in 2014.

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