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King Felipe talks about political blockade in Spain

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King Felipe VI of Spain has commented on the political blockade going on in the country saying that they need to find a solution ahead of elections.

“It is best to find a solution before going to elections,” the King said, adding, “Hopefully there is room for parties to find a solution.”

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King Felipe made the comments during the annual summer photo session alongside his wife, Queen Letizia and daughters, Princess Leonor, 13, and Infanta Sofía, 12, at Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Marivent Palace is the summer home of the Spanish royals.

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The King elaborated remarking, “Hopefully there is room for parties that have the confidence of the citizens after the last elections, can find a solution and if they do not find it, there is also a solution within the constitutional channels.”

Spain’s general election took place in April 2019, and in June, King Felipe invited Pedro Sánchez to become Prime Minister of Spain. Since then, Sánchez worked and failed to form a government.

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The King was asked if the family would be able to enjoy their summer holiday with the political situation going on to which he replied that they have experience in these things, “We have experience. We will be aware of the situation, but we still have some days to enjoy the island. I hope.”

The family’s holiday begins after King Felipe presented the trophy for the 38th Copa del Rey-Mapfre at the Ses Voltes Campus on Saturday.

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