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Queen Letizia attends international cancer research summit “Grand Challenge” in Madrid

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Queen Letizia attended the “Grand Challenge” international cancer research summit last week in Madrid.

The Queen is honorary president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer in Spanish), which hosted the Grand Challenge with Cancer Research UK, a British cancer organisation.

At the summit, per the Royal House, attendees learned important information about the “future of the investigation of the disease.

“Not only has the global challenges been tackled, but also the specific challenges facing Spain and the need for a National Cancer Research Plan to reach 70% survival by 2030.”

Queen Letizia was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Universities, Research, Development and Innovation, Ángeles Heras, the President of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Madrid, Laura Ruiz, and the Vice President of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Inés Entrecanales.

Medical and cancer researchers including Josep Tabernero, Elías Campo, Fabrice Andre, Mariano Barbacid, Caroline Robert, Nic Jones, Luis Paz-Ares and Joan Seoane were on hand to discuss ways to achieve the 70% survival rate and ideas for the next Spanish Association Against Cancer strategic plan.

According to the Royal House press release, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has raised and given away € 56M to around 334 research projects since 2011. The Association has been operational for over 65 years, with 52 branches around the country and over 23,000 volunteers equipped to help the 338,000 members and 1,000 medical professionals.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer helped treat 490,981 people who live with the disease last year alone.

The Association partnered with the UK-based Cancer Research UK, which is the global leader in cancer charities devoted to the research side of the disease.

Various cancer research summits have been planned for 2019, according to the Royal House. Others will be held later in the year in Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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