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Prince Constantijn to travel to Las Vegas

As Special Envoy for technology start-ups in the Netherlands, Prince Constantijn has announced in Amsterdam that he is looking for fifty companies to join him in January 2019 in Las Vegas for the world’s largest technology show. Earlier this year, the Prince was there and the stall from the Netherlands was the largest stall from a single country and who would not be keen to try and eclipse that next year. Companies have until 21st August to sign up for the show which runs between the 8th and 11th January and is expected that four thousand companies will be displaying their wares in front of an expected one hundred and seventy thousand people from all over the world.

However, one thing that the companies must adhere to with the products they take to the show is that they fit within the themes of the show. Whereas this year the themes were AR/VR, robotics, health tech, mobility, kid’s tech and high-end audio, in 2019 they are looking for Sport Technology, Robotics and e-commerce. We have seen the use of VAR technology at the World Cup in Russia and desires to use e-commerce to simply borders between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Working in the US, I notice a sincere interest in Dutch technology,” Consul General Gerbert Kunst said at this year’s show. “That’s why we’re at CES with more start-ups than ever before. The Dutch invented Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It shows that this country has a skill for finding smart solutions to large societal challenges. Not only in consumer technology, but also in water management, healthcare and agriculture.”

StartupDelta the umbrella organisation for start-ups in the Netherlands has brought together a network of people with skillsets across all aspects of the start-up community. With the government and the Royal Family working together they are determined to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of innovation throughout the world.