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Prince Christian undertakes rare engagement with his father

Prince Christian of Denmark
Det Danske Kongehus You Tube still/ fair use

Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian took part in a rare joint engagement when they visited a Danish esport team, Astralis, for a training session.

Founded four years ago, Astralis has risen to become a global player in the esport arena. Esport is a form of competition using video games in multi-player tournaments. As they continue to rise to the top of their field, the team launched the #ToTheStars campaign.

Astralis is currently ranked top in the world for the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian visited to learn more about the training that these esport athletes undertake with the Royal House posting a video of their visit.

“Mental and physical health are essential for athletes when they have to think clearly in competitions for a split second and analyze, communicate and respond under pressure,” the Royal House writes in a post on their website.

“Therefore, much of the team’s preparation takes place away from the computer screens and, instead, with physical trainers, sports psychologists and dieticians.”

Prince Christian took part in exercises alongside Astralis players Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and Jakob “JUGi” Hansen, which were filmed for the Royal House website.

Astralis posted photos of the engagement on their social media accounts, writing, “Today, we had the immense honour of meeting His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian to talk about Astralis as well as physical and mental health in esports.”

On Tuesday, the Royal House confirmed that Prince Christian had returned to school in Denmark, as restrictions had lifted for students in sixth to ninth grade classes. Princess Isabella has also returned to classes.

Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine had been studying in Switzerland for the spring semester but returned to Denmark as the global health emergency began causing travel and social restrictions.

Prince Christian was also to be confirmed this spring, however, this has been postponed until the autumn due to the upheaval caused by the virus.

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