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Norwegian Royal Family joined by Danish Queen Margrethe at traditional ski jump at Holmenkollen

Members of the Norwegian Royal Family were joined by Queen Margrethe of Denmark yesterday at the traditional ski jump at Holmenkollen. Queen Margrethe is currently on her annual holiday in Norway and decided to visit her Norwegian counterparts for a few winter sports. Her son, Crown Prince Frederik is presently serving as Regent until she returns to Denmark.

The royals watched the ski jumps from The King’s Tribune where they also had a visit from a Norwegian gold medal winner, Therese Johaug. Johaug had come out victorious yesterday in the ladies’ 30 kilometres cross-country event.

A skier jumps by The King’s Tribune on Sunday. Photo: Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court

A photo with Johaug, Crown Prince Haakon, Queen Margrethe, King Harald, and Queen Sonja was posted on the Royal Family’s official website.

Besides his parents and godmother, Crown Prince Haakon was accompanied by his wife, Crown Prince Mette-Marit; his daughter, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and his son, Prince Sverre Magnus at the event.

The Crown Prince Family at Holmenkollen. Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court

King Harald also took in skiing on Saturday watching Jarl Magnus Riiber win combined and Russian cross-country skier Aleksandr Bolshunov win gold in the five-mile. Both met the King in the royal box after their wins.

On Saturday, the King also saw Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansson set a new world record of 144 metres.

Thousands of people have travelled to Oslo to take in the skiing events at the famous Holmenkollbakken. Holmenkollbakken opened in 1892 and hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics’ skiing events. It has also been the site of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships on four occasions: 1930, 1966, 1982, and 2011. Holmenkollbakken has, additionally, hosted the World Cup numerous times, most recently being in 2016.

King Harald will visit the Oslo Military Society this evening.

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