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New exhibition in The Queen Sonja Art Stable to open this week

Queen Sonja opens art exhibition
Det Kongelige Hoff Still/ Fair Use

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Queen Sonja’s art gallery in the old stables at the Royal Palace in Oslo has been closed for over a year. The Queen has now established a new exhibition that will be shown digitally. Some of Norway’s most beautiful works of art will be exhibited this summer in the Queen Sonja Art Stable, in collaboration with the National Museum. The exhibition “Art Audience” shows well-known works from Norway’s largest art collection.

The exhibition will be launched digitally on 7 May in the form of a live-streamed event via the Royal Court and the National Museum’s channels on Facebook and Youtube. Queen Sonja will open the exhibition digitally, followed by the National Museum’s director Karin Hindsbo. Glimpses from the exhibition will also be shown. In connection with the launch, a 3D version of the exhibition will also be published so that everyone can see the exhibition digitally while we wait to have the opportunity to visit it in person.

The exhibition has been prepared through a close collaboration between the National Museum, Queen Sonja and the Royal Collections. The National Museum wants to present a wide selection of works from the collections while we all wait for the new museum to be completed. The royal collections want to help make the nation’s large art collection accessible to all.

The exhibition presents a large range of artists, art forms and periods that are represented in the National Museum’s collection, from antique sculptures to modern design furniture, and a number of famous works from the large collection of Norwegian and international paintings. The exhibition “Art Audience” will show 80 works of art by Norwegian and international artists. Among others, you will be able to see art from Nikolai Astrup, Harriet Backer, Peder Balke, Thomas Fearnley, Christian Krohg, Edvard Munch, Adolph Tidemand, Erik Werenskiold, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and many more.

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