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King Harald to undergo surgery on his leg

Photo: Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

King Harald V of Norway will undergo surgery on his leg tomorrow.

The Norwegian Royal Court announced that the King has been admitted to hospital for a surgery tomorrow morning on an injured tendon on his right knee. They had previously announced that the King would be on sick leave until the end of January, and that his son Crown Prince Haakon had been appointed Regent of Norway until Sunday and that he would lead the Council of State today. His sick leave has been extended to 14 February to allow the King more time to recover from his surgery.

King Harald has had several health challenges recently, although there has rarely been a serious illness. At the end of September last year, he was admitted to Rikshospitalet due to heavy breathing. He was then on sick leave until October. The king underwent heart surgery and seemed to have visibly improved his health. The king was also hospitalized in early 2020, then due to dizziness. The King and Queen have recently been vaccinated against COVID-19 and will receive their second dose in early February.

It is unclear if the King injured his knee in an accident as no further announcements have been made.