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Prince Albert publishes book on cause close to his heart

UNclimatechange via Flickr

Ocean conservation is a cause Monaco’s Prince Albert II has championed for years, and to mark World Ocean’s Day, the Prince has published his first book.

Titled “L’Homme et l’Océan” (Man and the Ocean), the 144-page book was released on 8 June by French publisher Flammarion and details the unique challenges the world’s oceans face in today’s environment.

“It is my duty to take my part in the challenge launched to my generation: to find solutions in order to preserve our planet, our most precious asset,” Prince Albert said on the publisher’s website.

Albert has put the environment at the forefront of his charity work over the years; his Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was created in 2006 to focus on protecting the planet. Addressing issues such as climate change, wildlife protection, sustainable development, protecting our oceans, and promoting renewable energy, the foundation works to create actionable changes to help improve the planet.

As a Mediterranean country, the sea plays an important role in Monaco’s geography and heritage — in fact, Prince Albert I of Monaco was a keen explorer, scientist, and oceanographer in the late 1800s.

In a video on his foundation’s website to mark World Ocean’s Day, Prince Albert spoke of his hope for a better future.

“The various deadlines ahead of us must be an opportunity to provide responses adapted to the scale and complexity of the oceans and, above all, must be an opportunity to bring together skills, wills and approaches so that we can collectively respond to the immense challenges facing us,” he said.

“I hope that this day will help us to move forward, so that together we can reconcile humanity and the sea around a more sustainable development model.”

“L’Homme et l’Océan” is available at all good bookshops.

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