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Prince Albert opens Monaco exhibit in China

Prince Albert II of Monaco opened a special exhibition on the ‘Princes and Princesses of Monaco’ in the Forbidden City in Beijing on Thursday afternoon.

The new exhibition dedicated to the royals will tell the history of Monaco’s monarchy from the rise of the Grimaldi dynasty to the modernisation of Monaco through the likes of Prince Charles III’s creation of the new city Monte Carlos.

The second section of the exhibitions features displays on the royal marriages that blended glamour with tradition from Princess Grace Kelly to Princess Charlene. The section will open with information about the iconic Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly marriage featuring personal items that once belonged to the famous Hollywood actress turned princess such as her designer clothing and jewellery.

The exhibition, set up by the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco in collaboration with the palace, has been shown in various forms all over the world. The Grimaldi Forum has hosted exhibitions regarding the royal family in the past, with there being a very large exhibition about Princess Grace several years ago, which was also later also shown in Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn in a reduced form. However, the current collaboration in Bejing features additional elements that tell the story of the monarchy in Monaco.

Prince Albert was invited for an official visit to China, by President Xi Jinping. Albert started his visit Wednesday in the northeast of China, in the provincial city of Yanji, near the border with Russia and North Korea.

During his visit, the prince, who is the founder of the environmental charity the Prince Albert Foundation, also wanted to know as much as he could about the protection and preservation of the Siberian tiger, of which in China only 27 are still alive.

The exhibition is running from 7th September to 11th November 2018.