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Tessy Antony de Nassau’s advice to other mums: “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself”

Brittani Barger/Royal Central

In a recent interview with, Tessy Antony de Nassau spoke about being a mother and advice for other working mothers ahead of Mother’s Day.

Tessy has two sons with her ex-husband, Prince Louis of Luxembourg: Prince Gabriel, 14 and Prince Noah, 12. Tessy and her sons are currently self-isolating in Switzerland due to COVID-19.

Tessy, who lives in London with Princes Gabriel and Noah, spoke about being a single parent and the balancing act it requires, especially when one works.

She said that her secret to ensuring that being a working mom works is “to never over-promise anything to anyone starting with my children and only to commit to work, travels, projects, etc. which make me happy, which I believe in, and which bring good to our communities.”

Tessy explained that she would like to be remembered as a “mom CEO” as someone who “tried her very best every day and never gave up.” She hopes to inspire others to continue moving forward no matter what life throws at them.

Tessy also gave some advice to other mom CEOs, telling them: “No one is perfect. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.”

She also stressed that mom should know their worth and respect themselves. “No one is able to put you into a box if you do not allow them to do so. Never forget that!” she said.

The interview touched on her company, consulting group Finding Butterflies which is a consultancy focusing on education and women. She helps her clients with campaigns, client relations, expansions, and strategy and assists them in communication, board memberships, ambassadorial ships, conference speakers, etc.

Her educational foundation, Professors Without Borders, was also touched on. Tessy co-founded the organisation four years ago, and it provides summer schooling in different countries across Africa and Asia to allow more students to experience dedicated, professional and inspirational learning opportunities. You can read more about them here.

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