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New father Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume speaks to the press

Guillaume luxembourg
© Cour grand-ducale / Sophie Margue

Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, became a father earlier this morning with the birth of his son Prince Charles. Later today, he spoke to the press outside of the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City where his son had been born.

Guillaume spoke in several languages, including English. He said, “Today is a wonderful day, for my wife and for myself. And probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life, to be able to greet a child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing a couple can have.

“And this is exactly the experience we are living today that we are able to share also with our country people, Luxembourg as a country, and we are delighted to do so also. At a time that is a bit more difficult, also especially for families that have been separated for a few months, which are now in the next few weeks going to be able to see each other again. It’s… a birth is a message of hope, it’s a blessing and I think – this is what we are so happy to be to share with Luxembourg but also over the borders with all the different countries.”

See the full video below:

© Cour grand-ducale / FreelensTV